Video Editor

Beth Cramer is an experienced video editor known for her mastery of visual storytelling. She heads up Brave Films which specializes in creative off-line video editing. Beth has a strong following at many top agencies and with directors around the world. Best known for her evocative fashion/beauty and lifestyle commercials, Cramer established a reputation for her creative problem solving and fast pace in the edit room. Beth has developed a loyal client following over the years.

Cramer was a film student at Ithaca College with hopes of becoming a writer and director, but when a professor spotted Cramer’s natural instinct for video editing, a path was laid. Cramer’s first job out of college was at David Dee’s Editorial house followed by a ten-year stretch as principal editor at Red Car NY. It was always Cramer’s intention to make the fluid transition from video editor to director.

“I’ve been directing for years just not on location. I am given the power to construct a story, which often means rewriting the script, choosing the music, adding effects and manipulating the performances when necessary. I’ve learned so much about directing from the footage I work with.”

Cramer has been given a front row seat to the entire production process.  She learned from the mistakes, the triumphs, the happy accidents, and the unique approaches used by each director. Cramer says she will always have a passion for editing, “editing is a craft that has been incredibly beneficial in all my pursuits.”

For editing projects you can edit with Beth in-house, your house, in a coffee house or over the cloud.